Intelligence Gaps


Locations are unclear for the Sovereign Citizens.
It is clear that each state has a website, but we are unclear of where the most populous areas of Sovereign Citizens are located.

Commercial Facilities Targeted?

Are the incidents involving shopping malls, shopping centers, and retail establishments really only a coincidence, or is there something else going on?


It appears that Sovereign Citizens are a distinct movement from anarchists.
However, just how separate these movements are remains unclear.
It is not well understood if there is any convergence between movements going on.

Mexican Drug Cartels

Is there any evidence of Sovereign Citizens working with Mexican Drug Cartels in any way?
Google Query did not produce any real hits

Online Organizing

Social Media needs to be explored, to better learn the extent of online organizing in this space.


There have been some incidents that were anti-Semitic in nature, although these appear to have always involved "bleed over" groups that converged with Christian Identity circles. Are there any similar ideologies today, or is this a legacy of the past? To what degree do Christian Identity circles converge with Sovereign Citizens?
Not much in Google News about this.
However, some Sovereign Citizens identify themselves as anti-Zionist, but not anti-Semitic


Are there any known cases of tattoos that would indicate allegeiance to Sovereign Citizens ideology?
Nothing found in Google